Horwich, Lancashire, England


Latitude: 53.596535, Longitude: -2.540999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  28 Sep 1886Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
2 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  12 Jun 1888Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
3 GLOVER, Minnie  21 Dec 1889Horwich, Lancashire, England I9497
4 LEECH, Caroline Elizabeth  Abt 1894Horwich, Lancashire, England I9589
5 LEECH, Edward  Abt 1890Horwich, Lancashire, England I9582
6 LEECH, Ernest Albert  Abt 1893Horwich, Lancashire, England I9646
7 LEECH, Ethel  Abt 1889Horwich, Lancashire, England I9635
8 LEECH, Isaac  Abt 1887Horwich, Lancashire, England I9530
9 LEECH, Jessie  Abt 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9619
10 LEECH, Joan  Abt 1931Horwich, Lancashire, England I9513
11 LEECH, Thomas Edwin  Abt 1896Horwich, Lancashire, England I9523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CRAWFORD, Annie  18 Feb 1918Horwich, Lancashire, England I9557
2 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  20 Sep 1961Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
3 GLOVER, John Henry  11 Feb 1928Horwich, Lancashire, England I9612
4 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  7 Jan 1946Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ATTWOOD, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9586
2 CRAWFORD, Annie  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9557
3 CRAWFORD, Annie  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9557
4 CRAWFORD, Annie  2 Apr 1911Horwich, Lancashire, England I9557
5 GLOVER, Ellen  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9606
6 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
7 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
8 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  2 Apr 1911Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
9 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
10 GLOVER, Harriet Ellen  29 Sep 1939Horwich, Lancashire, England I9501
11 GLOVER, John Henry  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9612
12 GLOVER, John Henry  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9612
13 GLOVER, John Henry  2 Apr 1911Horwich, Lancashire, England I9612
14 GLOVER, John Henry  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9612
15 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
16 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
17 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
18 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
19 GLOVER, Mary Elizabeth  29 Sep 1939Horwich, Lancashire, England I9616
20 GLOVER, Minnie  5 Apr 1891Horwich, Lancashire, England I9497
21 GLOVER, Minnie  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9497
22 GLOVER, Minnie  2 Apr 1911Horwich, Lancashire, England I9497
23 LEECH, Edward  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9582
24 LEECH, Ethel  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9635
25 LEECH, George Henry  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9553
26 LEECH, George Henry  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9553
27 LEECH, John Thomas  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9519
28 LEECH, John Wilfred  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9639
29 LEECH, Thomas Edwin  31 Mar 1901Horwich, Lancashire, England I9523
30 SKERRITT, Edith Annie  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9502
31 SKERRITT, Hariett Ann  19 Jun 1921Horwich, Lancashire, England I9621
32 SKERRITT, Hariett Ann  29 Sep 1939Horwich, Lancashire, England I9621


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LEECH / RENDALL  5 Mar 1960Horwich, Lancashire, England F6427