Stord, Hordaland, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  Jul 1754Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 DEGERNES, Absalon Oleson  Abt Apr 1768Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10057
3 DEGERNES, Eli Jorgensdatter  25 Sep 1878Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9073
4 DEGERNESS, Carl Jorgensen  15 Feb 1881Stord, Hordaland, Norway I34
5 DEGERNESS, Edward Martin Jorgensen  20 May 1887Stord, Hordaland, Norway I119
6 DEGERNESS, Eli Jorgensdatter  5 Nov 1873Stord, Hordaland, Norway I112
7 DEGERNESS, Halvor Johann Jorgensen  11 Feb 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I113
8 DEGERNESS, Hans Frederick Jorgensen  11 Jul 1869Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9263
9 DEGERNESS, Helga Marie Jorgensdatter  25 Dec 1876Stord, Hordaland, Norway I114
10 DEGERNESS, Svend Gregorius Jorgensen  6 Jul 1883Stord, Hordaland, Norway I116
11 DEGERNESS, Torres Gustav Jorgensen  12 Mar 1886Stord, Hordaland, Norway I118
12 DIGERNES, Helga Torrisdatter  Dec 1807Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9351
13 DIGERNES, Ingeborg Olesdatter  Abt Oct 1770Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10053
14 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  8 Jun 1823Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
15 ELDOEN, Friderika Svendsdatter  8 Mar 1830Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9340
16 ELDOEN, Ingebor Svendsdatter  23 Jan 1820Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9338
17 ELDOEN, Nils Svendsen  28 Aug 1834Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9341
18 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  Feb 1793Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
19 ELDOEN, Tharald Svendsen  16 Dec 1826Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9339
20 HAGA, Britte Hermansdatter  Oct 1752Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9316
21 HORNELANDSVAAG, Anna Larsdatter  9 Sep 1873Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9981
22 HORNELANDSVAAG, Eli Larsdatter  6 Jun 1871Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9980
23 HORNELANDSVAAG, Halvor Larssen  4 Feb 1877Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9982
24 HORNELANDSVAAG, Helga Cecile Larsdatter  28 Nov 1880Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9983
25 HORNELANDSVAAG, Ole Larssen  17 Jan 1869Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9979
26 MAGNUSSEN, Magnus Halvardson  5 Jul 1918Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10255
27 MAGNUSSEN, Rebecca Kathrine  9 Feb 1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9994
28 NES, Anna Knudsdatter  Mar 1788Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9303
29 NES, Eli Knudsdatter  Between 1699 and 1722Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9352
30 NES, Johannes Knudsen  30 Apr 1821Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9297
31 NES, Johannes Knudsen  13 Dec 1823Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
32 NES, Kari Knudsdatter  21 Sep 1819Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9296
33 NES, Knud Knudsen  Aug 1796Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
34 NES, Knud Knudsen  14 Aug 1822Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9298
35 NES, Rasmus Knudsen  18 Dec 1827Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9299
36 NES, Torres Knudsen  8 Sep 1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9300
37 NESS, Amund Knudsen  Oct 1786Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9312
38 NESS, Amund Torresen  Abt 1707Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9317
39 NESS, Eli Amundsdatter  May 1746Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9320
40 NESS, Ragnele Amundsdatter  Jan 1744Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9318
41 NESS, Sara Amundsdatter  Mar 1738Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9319
42 NESS, Siselle Amundsdatter  Apr 1749Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9321
43 NYSAETER, Eli Gregoriussdatter  May 1815Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1138
44 NYSAETR, Lars Nielsen  Mar 1793Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9287
45 NYSATER, Christi Gregoriussdatter  13 Jun 1820Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8209
46 NYSATER, Frederick Gregoriussen  28 Jan 1819Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8203
47 NYSATER, Ragnhild Gregoriussdatter  16 Dec 1816Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8205
48 NYSÆTER, Njels Gregoriussen  18 Jan 1827Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8202
49 NYSÆTER, Ole Nielsen  Nov 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9274
50 NYSÆTER, Ragnild Nielsdatter  Feb 1797Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9273

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  18 Sep 1840Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 ABSALONSSON, Ola  Abt Jun 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9976
3 BERGE, Rasmus Rasmussen  Dec 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9314
4 DEGERNESS, Eli Jorgensdatter  24 Jun 1874Stord, Hordaland, Norway I112
5 DIGERNES, Guro Halvorsdatter  28 Jan 1885Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1169
6 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  22 Jun 1892Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
7 DIGERNES, Helga Torrisdatter  17 Dec 1830Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9351
8 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  25 Dec 1902Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
9 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  30 Aug 1841Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
10 HEIRTAGER, Marita Johannesdatter  Jul 1784Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9315
11 NES, Johannes Knudsen  7 May 1821Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9297
12 NES, Johannes Knudsen  5 Dec 1916Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
13 NES, Knud Knudsen  14 Apr 1859Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
14 NESS, Amund Knudsen  Feb 1787Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9312
15 NESS, Amund Torresen  Jun 1749Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9317
16 NESS, Knud Amundsen  Jun 1796Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9301
17 NORDHUS, Lisbet Endresdatter  29 Dec 1805Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9279
18 NYSATER, Frederick Gregoriussen  5 May 1819Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8203
19 SÆTERBØE, Gregorius Nielssen  20 Jul 1857Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1164
20 TVEITE, Britte Erichsdatter  Jan 1804Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9308
21 TVEITE, Halver Torresen  Mar 1812Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8651
22 TVEITE, Johannes Rasmussen  8 Oct 1832Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9307
23 TVEITE, Kari Rasmusdatter  Oct 1769Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9330
24 TVEITE, Maritte Johannesdatter  31 Dec 1844Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8300
25 TVIETE, Aasa Torresdatter  Jun 1815Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9254
26 VIDHOFDE, Kari Oldsdatter  23 Jan 1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9343
27 VIDHOFDE, Svend Olsen  Aug 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9342
28 VIDHOFDE, Tarald Svendssen  Mar 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9336
29 WALEN, Absalon Olsen  Bef Aug 1782Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9276
30 WALEN, Ole Olsen Ovre  23 Jun 1816Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1185
31 WALVANTE, Jorgen Olesen  Jan 1789Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9322
32 WALVANTE, Kari Jorgensdatter  4 May 1816Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9302
33 WALVANTE, Ragnilde Jorgensdatter  5 May 1832Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9272
34 WALVANTE, Ragnille Andersdatter  Jan 1794Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9323
35 WANTE, Guro Fridrichsdatter  7 Nov 1861Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1165
36 WATNE, Baltzer Fridrichsen  Jul 1792Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9292
37 WATNE, Eli Oldsdatter  3 Apr 1827Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9267
38 WATNE, Fridrich Baltsarsen  22 Oct 1822Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9266
39 WATNE, Guri Andersdatter  Mar 1783Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9289
40 WATNE, Mari Fridrichsdatter  4 Nov 1863Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9270
41 WATNE, Ole Fridrichsen  Dec 1784Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9291
42 ØCHLAND, Torris Halvorsen  Jul 1779Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  24 Sep 1840Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 ABSALONSSON, Ola  26 Jun 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9976
3 BERGE, Rasmus Rasmussen  7 Dec 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9314
4 DEGERNESS, Eli Jorgensdatter  29 Jun 1874Stord, Hordaland, Norway I112
5 DIGERNES, Gregorius Halvorsen  1 Mar 1840Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8196
6 DIGERNES, Guro Halvorsdatter  4 Feb 1885Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1169
7 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  30 Jun 1892Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
8 DIGERNES, Helga Torrisdatter  22 Dec 1830Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9351
9 DIGERNES, Tørres Halvorsen  27 May 1848Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1139
10 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  3 Jan 1903Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
11 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  4 Sep 1841Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
12 HAGA, Britte Hermansdatter  17 Apr 1786Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9316
13 HEIRTAGER, Marita Johannesdatter  18 Jul 1784Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9315
14 NES, Johannes Knudsen  10 May 1821Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9297
15 NES, Johannes Knudsen  12 Dec 1916Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
16 NES, Knud Knudsen  20 Apr 1859Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
17 NESS, Amund Knudsen  18 Feb 1787Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9312
18 NESS, Amund Torresen  12 Jun 1749Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9317
19 NESS, Knud Amundsen  5 Jun 1796Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9301
20 NORDHUS, Lisbet Endresdatter  12 Jan 1806Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9279
21 NYSATER, Frederick Gregoriussen  12 May 1819Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8203
22 SÆTERBØE, Gregorius Nielssen  24 Jul 1857Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1164
23 TVEITE, Britte Erichsdatter  28 Jan 1804Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9308
24 TVEITE, Halver Torresen  15 Mar 1812Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8651
25 TVEITE, Johannes Rasmussen  16 Oct 1832Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9307
26 TVEITE, Kari Rasmusdatter  15 Oct 1769Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9330
27 TVEITE, Maritte Johannesdatter  7 Jan 1845Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8300
28 TVIETE, Aasa Torresdatter  2 Jul 1815Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9254
29 VALEN, Valgjerd Olsdatter Ørve  8 Oct 1840Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1140
30 VIDHOFDE, Kari Oldsdatter  5 Feb 1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9343
31 VIDHOFDE, Svend Olsen  17 Aug 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9342
32 VIDHOFDE, Tarald Svendssen  19 Mar 1800Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9336
33 WALEN, Ole Olsen Ovre  30 Jun 1816Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1185
34 WALVANTE, Jorgen Olesen  18 Jan 1789Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9322
35 WALVANTE, Kari Jorgensdatter  11 May 1816Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9302
36 WALVANTE, Ragnilde Jorgensdatter  18 May 1832Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9272
37 WALVANTE, Ragnille Andersdatter  26 Jan 1794Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9323
38 WANTE, Guro Fridrichsdatter  14 Nov 1861Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1165
39 WATNE, Baltzer Fridrichsen  29 Jul 1792Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9292
40 WATNE, Eli Oldsdatter  7 Apr 1827Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9267
41 WATNE, Fridrich Baltsarsen  29 Oct 1822Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9266
42 WATNE, Guri Andersdatter  5 Mar 1783Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9289
43 WATNE, Mari Fridrichsdatter  13 Nov 1863Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9270
44 WATNE, Ole Fridrichsen  6 Jan 1785Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9291
45 ØCHLAND, Torris Halvorsen  11 Jul 1779Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9259


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  4 Jul 1754Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 DEGERNES, Absalon Oleson  17 Apr 1768Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10057
3 DEGERNES, Eli Jorgensdatter  20 Oct 1878Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9073
4 DEGERNESS, Edward Martin Jorgensen  5 Jun 1887Stord, Hordaland, Norway I119
5 DEGERNESS, Eli Jorgensdatter  16 Nov 1873Stord, Hordaland, Norway I112
6 DEGERNESS, Halvor Halvorsen  8 Apr 1855Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1172
7 DEGERNESS, Halvor Johann Jorgensen  29 Mar 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I113
8 DEGERNESS, Hans Frederick Jorgensen  18 Jul 1869Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9263
9 DEGERNESS, Helga Marie Jorgensdatter  14 Jan 1877Stord, Hordaland, Norway I114
10 DEGERNESS, Svend Gregorius Jorgensen  29 Jul 1883Stord, Hordaland, Norway I116
11 DEGERNESS, Torres Gustav Jorgensen  11 Apr 1886Stord, Hordaland, Norway I118
12 DIGERNES, Aasa Halvorsen  18 Dec 1853Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1166
13 DIGERNES, Eli Halvorsdatter  30 May 1852Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1167
14 DIGERNES, Frederick Halvorsen  26 Sep 1842Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8193
15 DIGERNES, Gregorius Halvorsen  20 Sep 1839Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8196
16 DIGERNES, Gregorius Halvorsen  28 Sep 1842Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1168
17 DIGERNES, Guro Halvorsdatter  24 Sep 1843Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1169
18 DIGERNES, Hans Frederick Halvorsen  7 Feb 1846Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8192
19 DIGERNES, Helga Halvorsdatter  8 Oct 1837Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8197
20 DIGERNES, Helga Torrisdatter  2 Dec 1807Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9351
21 DIGERNES, Ingeborg Olesdatter  19 Oct 1770Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10053
22 DIGERNES, Ole Halvorsen  22 Apr 1849Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8194
23 DIGERNES, Sissela Halvorsdatter  17 Mar 1847Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8195
24 DIGERNES, Torres Halvorsen  14 Dec 1834Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1170
25 DIGERNES, Valgjerd Halvorsdatter  13 Dec 1840Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1171
26 DIGERNES, Viking Halvorsen  1 Jul 1861Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1173
27 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  11 Jun 1823Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
28 ELDOEN, Friderika Svendsdatter  10 Mar 1830Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9340
29 ELDOEN, Ingebor Svendsdatter  30 Jan 1820Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9338
30 ELDOEN, Nils Svendsen  14 Sep 1834Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9341
31 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  20 Feb 1793Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
32 ELDOEN, Tharald Svendsen  25 Dec 1826Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9339
33 HORNELANDSVAAG, Anna Larsdatter  21 Sep 1873Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9981
34 HORNELANDSVAAG, Eli Larsdatter  10 Jun 1871Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9980
35 HORNELANDSVAAG, Halvor Larssen  25 Feb 1877Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9982
36 HORNELANDSVAAG, Helga Cecile Larsdatter  12 Dec 1880Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9983
37 HORNELANDSVAAG, Ole Larssen  23 Jan 1869Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9979
38 NES, Anna Knudsdatter  1 Apr 1788Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9303
39 NES, Johannes Knudsen  5 May 1821Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9297
40 NES, Johannes Knudsen  14 Dec 1823Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
41 NES, Kari Knudsdatter  2 Oct 1819Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9296
42 NES, Knud Knudsen  7 Aug 1796Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
43 NES, Knud Knudsen  18 Aug 1822Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9298
44 NES, Rasmus Knudsen  25 Dec 1827Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9299
45 NES, Torres Knudsen  13 Sep 1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9300
46 NESS, Amund Knudsen  12 Oct 1786Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9312
47 NESS, Eli Amundsdatter  9 May 1746Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9320
48 NESS, Ragnele Amundsdatter  25 Jan 1744Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9318
49 NESS, Sara Amundsdatter  27 Mar 1738Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9319
50 NESS, Siselle Amundsdatter  17 Apr 1749Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9321

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 NYSAETER, Eli Gregoriussdatter  2 Apr 1898Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1138


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  5 Jun 1774Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 DEGERNES, Ales Olesdatter  2 Aug 1778Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10059
3 DEGERNESS, Jorgen Halvorsen  29 Oct 1865Stord, Hordaland, Norway I36
4 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  1829Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
5 DIGERNES, Sissela Olesdatter  29 Dec 1772Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1186
6 DIGERNES, Tørres Halvorsen  29 May 1796Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1139
7 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  18 Nov 1838Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
8 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  13 Dec 1809Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
9 HOYLAND, Ingeborg Aadnesdatter  23 Jun 1776Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9337
10 NES, Johannes Knudsen  22 Oct 1838Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
11 NES, Knud Knudsen  4 Oct 1812Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
12 NYSAETER, Eli Gregoriussdatter  20 Nov 1831Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1138
13 OLESDATTER, Guri  24 Jun 1781Stord, Hordaland, Norway I10058
14 SÆTERBØE, Gregorius Nielssen  4 Dec 1803Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1164
15 TVEITE, Johannes Rasmussen  9 Jun 1776Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9307
16 TVEITE, Maritte Johannesdatter  4 Dec 1803Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8300
17 VIDHOFDE, Tarald Svendssen  3 Jul 1769Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9336
18 WALVANTE, Kari Jorgensdatter  5 Jun 1774Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9302
19 WALVANTE, Ragnilde Jorgensdatter  29 Dec 1772Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9272
20 WANTE, Guro Fridrichsdatter  4 Dec 1803Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1165
21 WATNE, Eli Oldsdatter  26 Nov 1769Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9267
22 WATNE, Mari Fridrichsdatter  26 Jan 1806Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 HAGA, Britte Hermansdatter  Apr 1786Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9316


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AALAND, Niels Hansen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9271
2 DEGERNESS, Hans Frederick Jorgensen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9263
3 DIGERNES, Aasa Halvorsen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1166
4 DIGERNES, Abel Severin Torresson  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8235
5 DIGERNES, Anne Helen Torresdatter  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8236
6 DIGERNES, Eli Torresdatter  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8232
7 DIGERNES, Gurine Torresdatter  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8234
8 DIGERNES, Guro Halvorsdatter  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1169
9 DIGERNES, Halvor Torresson  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8239
10 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  31 Dec 1835Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
11 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
12 DIGERNES, Halvor Torrissen  1 Jan 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1104
13 DIGERNES, Torres Halvorsen  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1170
14 DIGERNES, Torres Torresson  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8233
15 DIGERNES, Tørres Halvorsen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1139
16 DIGERNES, Tørres Halvorsen  31 Dec 1835Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1139
17 DIGERNES, Viking Halvorsen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1173
18 DIGERNES, Vilhem Gregorius Torresson  31 Dec 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8237
19 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  31 Dec 1865Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
20 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
21 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  1 Jan 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
22 ELDOEN, Eli Svendsdatter  3 Dec 1900Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1203
23 ELDOEN, Svend Tharaldssen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8297
24 HORNELANDSVAAG, Anna Larsdatter  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9981
25 HORNELANDSVAAG, Eli Larsdatter  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9980
26 HORNELANDSVAAG, Lars Olssen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9978
27 HORNELANDSVAAG, Ole Larssen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9979
28 HOYLAND, Ingeborg Aadnesdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9337
29 NES, Anna Knudsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9303
30 NES, Eli Knudsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9304
31 NES, Johannes Knudsen  31 Dec 1865Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
32 NES, Johannes Knudsen  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
33 NES, Johannes Knudsen  1 Jan 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
34 NES, Johannes Knudsen  3 Dec 1900Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
35 NES, Johannes Knudsen  1910Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1105
36 NES, Kari Knudsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9305
37 NES, Knud Knudsen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8299
38 NES, Torris Storksen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9306
39 NYSAETER, Eli Gregoriussdatter  31 Dec 1875Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1138
40 NYSAETER, Eli Gregoriussdatter  1 Jan 1891Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1138
41 NYSÆTER, Ragnild Nielsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9273
42 NYÆSATER, Kari Nielsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9275
43 SÆTERBØE, Gregorius Nielssen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I1164
44 TVEIT, Johans Halvorsen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9256
45 TVEIT, Kari Johansdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9257
46 TVEIT, Tørris Johansen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9255
47 TVEITE, Britte Erichsdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9308
48 TVEITE, Britte Johansdatter  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9310
49 TVEITE, Erich Johannessen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I9311
50 TVEITE, Halver Torresen  1 Feb 1801Stord, Hordaland, Norway I8651

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Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AALAND / WALVANTE  5 Mar 1781Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6369
2 DEGERNESS / ELDOEN  1 May 1873Stord, Hordaland, Norway F10
3 DIGERNES / NYSAETER  2 Jul 1834Stord, Hordaland, Norway F316
4 DIGERNES / VALEN  13 Jul 1805Stord, Hordaland, Norway F317
5 ELDOEN / WATNE  6 Jul 1817Stord, Hordaland, Norway F4254
6 HORNELANDSVAAG / DIGERNES  4 Apr 1868Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6543
7 NES / ELDOEN  23 Apr 1848Stord, Hordaland, Norway F333
8 NES / TVEITE  5 Jul 1818Stord, Hordaland, Norway F4255
9 NES / WALVANTE  25 May 1797Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6373
10 NESS / NES  10 Jul 1737Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6377
11 NESS / WALVANTE  30 Jul 1786Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6372
12 SIGGERVOGEN / DIGERNES  14 Jun 1794Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6570
13 SÆTERBØE / WANTE  20 Apr 1813Stord, Hordaland, Norway F326
14 TVEITE / HAGA  17 Jul 1785Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6376
15 TVEITE / SÆBØE  21 Oct 1773Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6362
16 TVEITE / TVEITE  8 Jul 1787Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6374
17 TVEITE / TVIETE  6 Jul 1794Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6360
18 VIDHOFDE / HOYLAND  11 Nov 1792Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6380
19 VIDHOFDE / VIDHOFDE  7 Aug 1763Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6381
20 WALEN / DIGERNES  11 Jun 1775Stord, Hordaland, Norway F329
21 WALVANTE / WALVANTE  31 Jul 1738Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6378
22 WATNE / WATNE  6 Sep 1761Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6370
23 WATNE / WATNE  20 Nov 1783Stord, Hordaland, Norway F6368